Over the past 6 months, I have been part of a mentoring programme for a number of local schools within Wiltshire. This programme has involved 20 professionals, with us all having varied backgrounds and success. It has, so far, involved attending and delivering inspirational introductions, directly to Year 12 students, with lots of interaction during each stage. It’s been an absolute pleasure to see young learners engage with each and every one of us. This has all taken place out of school hours, they had a choice to attend and what a great decision they made.

Last week, the students faced a panel of interviewers! Oh, I hear you cry, at this young age! At what point in the next year will they ever face an interview panel? As a recruiter, I have to agree and I did talk to my panel members prior to us starting. It’s important to prepare them for any eventuality, however, let’s not scare them. With all this in mind, we adjusted our delivery, questioning and asked them to talk us through the CV’s that they had created. Questioned the learners as to why they have chosen the subjects that they are studying? How will this have an impact on what they decided to do when they finish Sixth Form. Some of the learners found it difficult to interact with all of the panel┬ámembers, some of them had prepared answers for which, really did not sound genuine reasons (too much rehearsing). We also noticed that some of the learners found it difficult to stay positive about what they had achieved so far. After offering guidance, praising the learners on what they had achieved, it was time to reflect with my fellow panel members.

For this age group, they did remarkably well, and this particular school should be proud of what they have achieved and instilled so far. With another year ahead of them, preparing for the future, deciding what they would actually like to do for a career and planning how to achieve their wants and desires will, of course, bring its own challenges. However, with support from the Schools, mentors and of course parents and family members, they will achieve and hold the future firmly in their hands.

I’m very much looking forward to working with them during the next 12 months and seeing them flourish. We will be looking for internships during the Summer break for some of the learners. This, in turn, will certainly help them decide if they are focussing on the right career path. Apprenticeships? University? Applying for employment?

It doesn’t matter if you change focus, as long as you have focus!

Your Future Our Passion!

Caroline Butson – Operational Director